Maximum Recommended Inflated Height *34 in0.86 m
Width at Bottom41 in1.04 m
Inflated Width51 in1.3 m
Layflat Width empty60 in1.53 m
Gallons Per Linear Foot48 Gallon180 liter
Maximum Recommended Inflated Height *54 in1.37 m
Width at Bottom65 in1.65 m
Inflated Width79 in2.01 m
Layflat Width empty95 in2.41 m
Gallons Per Linear Foot116 Gallons441 liter
Maximum Recommended Inflated Height *72 in1.83 m
Width at Bottom86 in2.19 m
Inflated Width107 in2.71 m
Layflat Width empty130 in3.29 m
Gallons Per Linear Foot204 Gallons772 liters
* Maximum depth of water allowed is 75% of the Maximum recommended height. Excess slope, soil composition and moving water may decrease the ability of coffer dam to perform as projected. It is recommended to consult an authorized FLEXIDAMS™ representative on every project.

Coffer Dams FLEXIDAMS™ is available in 50, 100-foot lengths; other lengths and dimensions available upon request.

We believe this information is the best currently available on the subject. We offer it as a suggestion in any appropriate experimentation you may care to undertake. It is subject to revision as additional knowledge and experience are gained. We make no guarantee of results and assume no obligation or liability whatsoever in connection with this information. In case of conflict between standard and metric specifications, standard shall apply.