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  • Marine construction specialist.
  • Water inflatable dams up to 6 feet.
  • A leading provider of water inflated flood barriers and cofferdams.
  • Our systems are installed faster and require less labor by simply pumping water.
  • Environmentally cleaner than sandbags.
  • Deployed as temporary cofferdams, also can be used as temporary water enclosures.

Types Of Water Inflatable FLEXIDAMSTM

We offer three types of water inflatable FLEXIDAMS:

  1. FD - 34: Maximum Recommended Inflated Height = 34 inches.
  2. FD - 54: Maximum Recommended Inflated Height = 54 inches.
  3. FD - 72: Maximum Recommended Inflated Height = 72 inches.

Coffer Dams FLEXIDAMS™  is available in 50, 100-foot lengths; other lengths and dimensions available upon request.

For more specifications:


  • Cost effective emergency flood control.
  • Patented, stacked, small footprint.
  • Unique triangular configuration.
  • Higher flood protection height.
  • High strength material
  • Tested and approved by NASA.

Applications of FLEXIDAMSTM

Emergency Flood Protection, Water dams for Flood Prevention, Stream Diversion, Pipeline Crossings Installation and Repair, Bridge Construction and Repair, Boat Ramp Construction and Rehabilitation, Riverbank Restoration, Environmental Remediation…